Friends of Sullivan’s Book, Bake, & Art Sale

President of Friends of Sullivan, Mike Glasser writes:

Dear Community Residents, Alumnus and others interested in the growing success of Sullivan High School;

The library at Sullivan High School has many wonderful books in its stacks – but with the passage of time and a changing level of interest by today’s students, Principal Chad Adams, in consultation with his staff, is requesting we replace these books with others that will be of greater interest to today’s learners with diverse cultural backgrounds. As many of you know, in recent years, with no librarian, the former library – which was a tired outdated room – changed its function, and became a center for Sullivan’s growing international body of students – a place for them to feel safe, engage in mentoring and other small group work. In short, despite its outdated appearance, the room emerged as a student learning center of sorts. Exciting and great changes are about to happen in this space.

The event at Sullivan on Saturday April 6th (6631 N. Bosworth)is more than just a book, bake and student art sale – as its a celebration of the changes about to occur in a special space. We will be showcasing the progress we are making in transitioning the former library into a Friends of Sullivan funded “Student Learning Lounge and Newcomers Center.” With certain improvements already made, and with state of the art furniture paid for and donated by Friends of Sullivan on order, the room will take on an exciting new feel, benefitting all students. On Saturday, Principal Adams will announce some other exciting developments regarding the school, and we will hear from student poets – twice – at around 11:00 and at around 1:00. (See one student’s incredible recitation from last Fall’s Thanksgiving celebration.)

Please attend Saturday’s event (10AM – 2PM), tailored for community residents interested in learning more about Sullivan HS –  and while there, find a few good books, support a student artist, or purchase baked goods, many of them made by students in Sullivan’s Low Incidence Program.

And learn more about Friends of Sullivan, and of volunteer opportunities and help us pursue our mission, supporting extracurricular activities and other capital improvements at Sullivan and neighboring schools. 

Friends of Sullivan website

Please spread the word, encouraging folks to show up and support our local high school. Purchase some books (donations welcome), bake goods or art work made by talented students.  Funds raised will go back into the school, helping purchase new books that will be of interest to our diverse group of motivated learners.

– Mike Glasser
 Friends of Sullivan

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