Friends of Sullivan’s Book, Bake, & Art Sale

President of Friends of Sullivan, Mike Glasser writes:

Dear Community Residents, Alumnus and others interested in the growing success of Sullivan High School;

The library at Sullivan High School has many wonderful books in its stacks – but with the passage of time and a changing level of interest by today’s students, Principal Chad Adams, in consultation with his staff, is requesting we replace these books with others that will be of greater interest to today’s learners with diverse cultural backgrounds. As many of you know, in recent years, with no librarian, the former library – which was a tired outdated room – changed its function, and became a center for Sullivan’s growing international body of students – a place for them to feel safe, engage in mentoring and other small group work. In short, despite its outdated appearance, the room emerged as a student learning center of sorts. Exciting and great changes are about to happen in this space.

The event at Sullivan on Saturday April 6th (6631 N. Bosworth)is more than just a book, bake and student art sale – as its a celebration of the changes about to occur in a special space. We will be showcasing the progress we are making in transitioning the former library into a Friends of Sullivan funded “Student Learning Lounge and Newcomers Center.” With certain improvements already made, and with state of the art furniture paid for and donated by Friends of Sullivan on order, the room will take on an exciting new feel, benefitting all students. On Saturday, Principal Adams will announce some other exciting developments regarding the school, and we will hear from student poets – twice – at around 11:00 and at around 1:00. (See one student’s incredible recitation from last Fall’s Thanksgiving celebration.)

Please attend Saturday’s event (10AM – 2PM), tailored for community residents interested in learning more about Sullivan HS –  and while there, find a few good books, support a student artist, or purchase baked goods, many of them made by students in Sullivan’s Low Incidence Program.

And learn more about Friends of Sullivan, and of volunteer opportunities and help us pursue our mission, supporting extracurricular activities and other capital improvements at Sullivan and neighboring schools. 

Friends of Sullivan website

Please spread the word, encouraging folks to show up and support our local high school. Purchase some books (donations welcome), bake goods or art work made by talented students.  Funds raised will go back into the school, helping purchase new books that will be of interest to our diverse group of motivated learners.

– Mike Glasser
 Friends of Sullivan

FOTF March Board Meeting Tuesday, March 12th at 4:15pm – Reunión de la Junta de FOTF de marzo, martes 12 de marzo a las 4:15 pm

Friends of the Fields Board Meeting – Amigos de los Fields Junta de Consejo

Eugene Field Elementary Library Tuesday, March 12th at 4:15pm

En el Biblioteca de Eugene Field Martes, 12 Marzo a las 4:15pm


  1. Call to order/Roll Call
  2. Review ​minutes​ from February board meeting
  3. Budget updates
  4. Collaborate with Gale Grow’s Kids
  5. FOTF rep to present at EF’s March LSC meeting 03-__ at 9am
  6. Debrief FOTF Movie Day
  7. Graphic Design
  8. 2019 International Night Thursday, June 6th
  9. Public Comment
  10. Next meeting is ​March, 9th at 4:15pm at New Field11. Adjournment


  1. Llamar a pedido / Roll Call
  2. Repasar las actas de la junta de febrero
  3. Actualizaciones de presupuesto
  4. Colabora con los Gale Grow’s Kids
  5. Representante de FOTF para presentar en la reunión de LSC de marzo de EF 03 -__ alas 9 am
  6. Informe de FOTF Movie Day
  7. Diseño gráfico
  8. Noche Internacional 2019 jueves 6 de junio
  9. Comentario publico
  10. La próxima reunión es el 9 de marzo a las 4:15 pm en New Field
  11. Aplazamiento

Friends of the Fields Board Meeting Tuesday ~ Amigos de los Fields Junta de Conseja Martes

Friends of the Fields Board Meeting – Amigos de los Fields Junta de Consejo

New Field Elementary Library Tuesday, February 12th at 4:15pm  

En el Biblioteca de New Field Martes, 12 Enero a las 4:15pm


  1. Call to order/Roll Call
  2. Review minutes from January board meeting
  3. Budget updates
  4. Eugene Field staff/teacher liason
  5. FOTF rep to present at EF’s next LSC meeting Thursday 2-14 at 9am
  6. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  7. FOTF Movie Day (Feb 23rd) update
  8. Urban Initiatives After school Soccer Program update
  9. Wobble chair update
  10. Graphic design update
  11. 2019 International Night update
  12. Fundraising Accounting Proposals and Report compliance, procedures and forms
  13. Public Comment
  14. Next meeting is March, 12th at 4:15pm at Eugene Field
  15. Adjournment


  1. Llamar a pedido / Roll Call
  2. Repasar las actas de la reunión de la junta de enero
  3. Actualizaciones de presupuesto
  4. Eugene Field maestro de enlace/contacto
  5. El representante de FOTF se presentará en la próxima reunión de LSC de EF del jueves 2-14 a las 9 am
  6. Iniciativas de diversidad, equidad e inclusión. (DEI)
  7. Actualización del día de la película FOTF (23 de febrero)
  8. Actualizacion de “Urban Initiatives” del programa de fútbol
  9. Actualización de la silla de bamboleo
  10. Actualización de diseño gráfico
  11. Actualización de la Noche Internacional 2019
  12. Recaudación de fondos propuestas contables e informe de cumplimiento, procedimientos y formularios.
  13. Comentario publico
  14. La próxima reunión es el 12 de marzo a las 4:15 pm en Eugene Field
  15. Aplazamiento

¡Friends of the Fields Board Meeting tomorrow ~ Los Amigos de los Fields Junta de Consejo manaña!

Friends of the Fields Board Meeting

Amigos de los Fields Junta de Consejo

New Field Elementary Library Tuesday, January 15th at 4:15pm  

En el Biblioteca de New Field Martes, 15 Enero a las 4:15pm


  1. Call to order/Roll Call
  2. Review minutes from November board meeting
  3. Budget updates
  4. Urban Initiatives Afterschool Soccer Program
  5. Purchase orders for Grow wobble chairs
  6. Follow up thank you notes + soc media recognition for donors.
  7. 2018-2019 Marketing Campaign for new Graphics and Banners
  8. Estimate for design work; banner program and sponsorship packages
  9. Teacher and volunteer appreciation fund
  10. 2019 International Night
  11. Public Comment
  12. Next meeting is Janurary, 12th at 4:15pm at New Field
  13. Adjournment


  1. Llama para ordenar/Llamada de rol
  2. Repasar las actas de la junta de noviembre
  3. Actualizaciones de presupuesto
  4. Programa de Futbol Escolar “Urban Initiatives”
  5. Órdenes de compra para sillas de bamboleo de cultivo.
  6. Seguimiento gracias a las notas + soc reconocimiento social a los donantes.
  7. Campaña de Marketing 2018-2019 para nuevos Gráficos y Banners.
  8. Presupuesto para trabajos de diseño; Programa de banner y paquetes de patrocinio.
  9. Fondo de apreciación de maestros y voluntarios
  10. Noche Internacional 2019
  11. Comentario publico
  12. La próxima reunión es enero, 12 a las 4:15 pm en New Field
  13. Aplazamiento

Joint New Field PAC/BAC meeting tomorrow!

New Field Elementary School

Title I Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

1707 West Morse Avenue Chicago, IL 60626

Joint PAC & BAC Meeting

in the school gymnasium

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

1:00 – 2:15 PM

New Field Escuela Primaria

Consejo asesor de padres del Título I (PAC)

1707 West Morse Avenue Chicago, IL 60626 Tel: (773) 534-2760

Ms. Conrey Callahan, Directora

La reunión de Padres del Título I y del comité asesor bilingue

en el gimnasio de la escuela New Field

Miercoles, 19 de diciembre de 2018 1:00 – 2:15 PM

Support the Friends of the Friends of the Fields!

We cannot thank our community partners enough. The New 400 Theaters, El Pecado Restaurant, A&T Pancake House and Grill, and the Glenwood Dance Studio helped us raise more than $450 for state-of-the-art adaptive seating for New Field and Eugene Field.

You can thank them by spending your entertainment and dining dollars locally.

Take the family out for tacos at El Pecado, catch a movie at the 400, take the kids to a live performance at Lifeline and treat the family to pancakes at A&T grill.

Catch the Grinch or the new Nutcracker movie at the New 400 this weekend:

And don’t miss the last two weeks of Bunnicula at Lifeline Theatre:

Thank you to all of our devoted community partners for your continued support and thanks to all the parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and care givers for buying raffle tickets, tamales and your cash donations to help our kids get their wiggles out!

No podemos agradecer a nuestros socios de la comunidad lo suficiente. Los nuevos 400 teatros, el restaurante El Pecado, A&T Pancake House and Grill y el Glenwood Dance Studio nos ayudaron a recaudar más de $ 450 para los asientos adaptados de última generación para New Field y Eugene Field.

Puede agradecerles gastando sus dólares de entretenimiento y comida localmente.

Lleve a la familia a comer tacos en El Pecado, vea una película a los 400, lleve a los niños a una presentación en vivo en Lifeline y deleite a la familia con panqueques en A&T Grill.

Atrapa el Grinch o la nueva película de Cascanueces en el New 400 este fin de semana:

Y no se pierda las últimas dos semanas de Bunnicula en el Teatro Lifeline:

¡Gracias a todos nuestros devotos socios de la comunidad por su continuo apoyo y gracias a todos los padres, abuelos, tías, tíos y cuidadores por comprar boletos para la rifa, tamales y sus donaciones en efectivo para ayudar a nuestros niños a salir adelante!






Help our kids get their wiggles out!

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 11.27.52 AM

Help our learners get their wiggles out! 

Research backs up what educators see in the classroom:  movement breaks and flexible seating dramatically improve student focus, emotional self-regulation, and learning outcomes. Equipping our classrooms with “wobble” chairs is a low-cost, high-impact investment that will have an immediate and significant impact on learning in our schools for all students.  Will you help our kids get their “wiggles” out? $1,200 will allow us to purchase an additional ten wobble chairs.

There’s lots of ways you can help:

Thank you for your support and love for our precious neighborhood schools! 😀

¡Ayude a nuestros estudiantes a sacar sus peleas!

La investigación respalda lo que los educadores ven en el aula: los descansos en el movimiento y los asientos flexibles mejoran dramáticamente el enfoque del alumno, la autorregulación emocional y los resultados de aprendizaje. Equipar nuestras aulas con sillas “oscilantes” es una inversión de bajo costo y alto impacto que tendrá un impacto inmediato y significativo en el aprendizaje en nuestras escuelas para todos los estudiantes. ¿Ayudarás a nuestros niños a sacar sus “meneos”? $ 1,200 nos permitirá comprar diez sillas de bamboleo adicionales.

Hay muchas maneras en que puedes ayudar:

¡Gracias por su apoyo y amor por nuestras preciosas escuelas del vecindario! 😀

— Day of the Dead gift basket (pictured above).